Leros Island

The all-green island of Leros with the impressive, traditional little villages, the settlements by the sea, the relics and the monuments from another time and era, offers a comfortable stay and peaceful holidays to visitors. In Leros you will definitely see several churches while at the same time you can visit the Folk and History Museum as well as the Museum of the Church of the Mother of God of the Castle. The Leros beaches with the blue waters and the golden sandy beaches or the ones with pebbles are the appropriate place for you to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea. Some of the most beautiful beaches of the island are Vourlidia, Alida, Ksirokambos and Mplefoutis. Near the beaches of Leros you will find several taverns that serve local dishes and fresh fish. The little traditional settlements in Leros and its hospitable locals will make you feel at home. In Leros, you will spend unforgettable holidays and will enjoy every minute so wait no more, book your ferry tickets now.

The Leros Port

There are regular departures from the port of Piraeus for the port of Leros and the journey, including stops at other islands, lasts about 10 hours. In fact, by booking your ferry tickets online via aktoploika.gr, your journey will be more comfortable and carefree. Lakki, the port of the island, is 4 kilometers away from Platanos, the capital of the island. Lakki stands out for its impressive buildings that present a special color and character. Agia Marina, which is the second and smaller port of the island, has been united with Platanos, creating an amazing settlement by the sea.

Connection With Other Islands

Leros has a ferry connection with the following ports: Piraeus (Athens), Agathonisi, Arkioi, Ikaria (Agios Kyrikos), Kalymnos, Kos, Lipsi, Patmos, Rhodes, Samos (Pythagoreio), Symi, Syros, Fournoi.

Ferry Tickets

You can now book ferry tickets online for Leros via Aktoploika.gr. If you plan to travel during July and August, it’s best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

Transportation in Leros
In Leros, there are buses that depart from the port for the capital and vice versa, as well as from the capital for other areas of the island. There are also taxis and motorbike rental agencies where you can rent a motorbike to travel.

Leros’ transportation options are limited, so if you wish to travel without your own vehicle, you’ll have to adjust to the local transportation particularities. The buses’ routes are too rare and, due to the roads’ condition, some beaches are inaccessible, so, when you get off the bus, you’ll have to walk for some meters. But, surely, all these don’t seem to be problems, as Leros is an island famous for the it’s lack of modern comforts and touristic models, the ideal destination for quiet, family vacation.

History breath

In the southeastern edge of the Aegean Sea, next to Kalimnos, with pines, oaks, olive trees and carob trees, with famous mild climate, gorgeous samples of Italian architecture and wrecks of World War II expecting the explorers, Leros stands beautiful and surrounded by small islands and rocky islets.

Lakki, is one of the largest and safest natural ports of the Mediterranean Sea, which was redesigned by the Italians during the inter-war period, in order to accommodate the Italian military. It is of the fewest settlements in Europe that has been built from scratch. Perfect town planning, trees, parks, the building of the former Navy Hospital, the Μarket with the Τower – Clock and the circular Hall, the legendary hotel ' Leros ' with ' the cinema-theater, the old Italian Customs, are master models the of modern architecture.

Find time to visit the War Museum, housed in a rebuilt military tunnel, in Merikia, hiding in its bowels important artifacts from the period of World War II. Moreover, see Saint Marina, the coastal settlement which was joined with Platanos, the oldest district and capital of the island. The port is dominated by the fortress of Burtzi, the very old flour mill and the lighthouse. The Town Hall also stands out with its neoclassical buildings, the archaeological museum, the churches of Christ and the Cross, as well as the Church of Saint Paraskevi, which was the old cathedral of the island. The Castle, on the top of Pitiki Hill, is the most important medieval monument of the island. In the Western side of the fortress you will see the Church of Virgin Mary of the Castle, with a rich library. The Partheni, with the Church of St. George, and a little bit northern, the Church of Saint Kiura, with frescoes painted by political prisoners of the dictatorship. The Church of Virgin Kavuradena is built in the rocks, while the Castle of Blades or Paleokastro, is built on the ruins of the ancient Acropolis.

The seabed of Leros is particularly interesting for divers, because hosts, in a great ecological value marine ecosystem, a large number of wrecks of World War II and has an organized diving center. Already have been opened two areas where underwater activity is allowed and it is expected for some shipwrecks to be released too.

Alintia are competitions organized every year on August and include freestyle events, boating, diving, windsurfing, race, skiing, shooting and relay. First organized on August 1907 from people of Leros of Egypt. The end of racing, each year ends up in a glamorous feast with sparklers in the precincts of the Tower Mpelleni.

Leros’ “musts”
- You must definitely dive across the island’s coasts and enjoy the seabed’s dream-scenery. This is where you’ll be able to explore the “Queen Olga” destroyer’s shipwreck, which sank on 1943, during the World War II.

- Visit Panagia Castle, one the best preserved and most beautiful castles in Greece.

- Discover Kryfo beach through the magnificent walking course.

- “Mylos” is the island’s most famous restaurant with the gorgeous windmill into the sea.

- If you visit Leros on “full-moon” days, enjoy your full-moon night on “Karaflas Tavern” in Spilia. It has a delicious cuisine and the view from there is outstanding.

- You can order and enjoy doughnuts, made in front of you, in “Glykia Leros 1897”, located in Panteli village.

Don’t forget
Some restaurants and taverns are not used to serve crowds, so be patient and show some empathy, if you happen to visit one on a crowded day.

Lakki village is the second place with the most “art deco” buildings on the world, after Miami. Some hostels and pensions are housed in preservable buildings or old mansions. Living in such buildings is characterized by some rules, that can’t be broken (smoking prohibition, pollution, use of furniture/rooms).

Happy Holidays in Leros!!!

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