From Piraeus (Athens) to:





From Rafina Port to:


Express Ferries:
Piraeus - Mykonos

Piraeus - Santorini
Piraeus - Heraklion (Crete)

Piraeus - Chania (Crete)

Piraeus - Rhodes
Piraeus - Paros

Greece - Italy:
Patras - Ancona
Patras - Bari
Corfu - Venice
Corfu - Bari
Igoumenitsa - Brindisi
Kefalonia - Italy

Ferry Schedules to all Greek Islands and Italy through Aktoploika.gr. Online ferry timetables and ferry ticket prices from all Greek ports to all Greek Island destinations and ports in Italy. Search for departure and arrival hours for all ferries in Greece and make online reservations for all ferries in Greece and Italy, quickly and reliably. You can check all express boat schedules (faster ferries) and also international routes between Greece and Italy. Below you can see some of the most popular schedules in Greece as well as some indicative prices. For more information and real time reservations please use the online form above.

Greek Ferry Schedules :: Popular Destinations & Ticket Prices

Prices & Ferry Schedules from Piraeus

Piraeus - Mykonos...from 33 Euro
Piraeus - Santorini...from 36 Euro
Piraeus - Crete...from 35 Euro

Piraeus - Paros...from 33 Euro

Piraeus - Naxos...from 32 Euro

Prices & Ferry Schedules from Rafina Port

Rafina to Mykonos...from 27 Euro
Rafina to Santorini...from 34 Euro
Rafina to Andros...from 17 Euro

Rafina to Tinos..from 24 Euro

Rafina to Milos..from 37 Euro

Prices & Ferry Schedules from Heraklion

Heraklion to Piraeus...from 37 Euro
Heraklion to Santorini...from 42 Euro
Heraklion to Milos...from 49 Euro

Heraklion to Rhodes...from 37 Euro

Heraklion to Kos Island...from 36 Euro

Prices & Ferry Schedules from Rhodes

Rhodes to Piraeus (Athens)...from 44 Euro
Rhodes to Kos...from 18 Euro
Rhodes to Kastelorizo...from 24 Euro

Rhodes to Patmos...from 34 Euro

Rhodes to Astypalaia...from 26 Euro

Ferry Schedules from Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki to Skiathos...from 18 Euro
Thessaloniki to Santorini...from 58 Euro
Thessaloniki to Heraklion...from 63 Euro

Thessaloniki to Rhodes...from 68 Euro

Thessaloniki to Chios...from 34 Euro

Prices & Ferry Schedules from Greece to Italy

Patras to Ancona...from 69 Euro
Patras to Bari...from 57 Euro
Patras to Brindisi...from 64 Euro

Patras to Venice...from 71 Euro

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