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AGISTRI FERRY TICKETS | Online Ferry & Boat Tickets to Agistri IslandFerry tickets to Agistri

Agistri Island is the place of the unexpected, a small piece of land hiding surprises and chances to experience extraordinary moments. It has four villages and its name is connected to nature and the opportunities that are given to someone to enjoy it. It's considered to be a small island, which, due to its isolation,  maintains its character, refusing to follow other Greek islands' touristic progress. Here you can enjoy endless hours of walking, read a book under a pine-tree's shadow, be inspired by the Argosaronikos' Gulf view, taste the locals' hospitality, delicious tasters by the sea along with a glass of ouzo, and dream. Even though it's only a 14 square kilometers area, it has its own lake. There aren't any historical sights to visit, but there are plenty of churches and chapels, as well as unexpected activities, that are hard to be found and expensive in more known islands. Another Agistri's advantage is that there is no traffic, even though all roads they are narrow, as locals don't own neither use cars. If you love riding, the chance of having a tour on a horse will steal your heart. Crossing the island by foot from one edge to the other takes only 20 minutes and you will surely find many excuses to stop during it. The holidays in Agistri will be amazing so book your ferry tickets now and live unique moments on the beautiful island of the Saronic Gulf.

Port of Agistri

The island's new port was built on 2006 and it's located in Megalohori Village, splitting the increased summer traffic with Scala Port. Agistri is coastally connected to Piraeus Port by ferries, a 2 hours long voyage, and by flying dolphins, a voyage that lasts 1 hour. You can book your ferry tickets online via aktoploika.gr for a journey more comfortable and carefree. Extra routes are added during summer from and to Argosaronikos' Gulf other islands.

Connection With Other Islands

Agistri has a ferry connection with the following ports: Piraeus, Aegina.

Ferry Tickets

You can now book ferry tickets online for Agistri via Aktoploika.gr. If you plan to travel during July and August, it's best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

Transportation options are few in Agistri, transfusing a sense of adventure in your vacation. There are local buses, but routes are irregular and don't follow always the time-table. An alternative option is to rent a scooter or, for the romantic ones, a bicycle or walk. If you happen to choose walking or riding a bicycle, have in mind that many trails hide slopes, that are surely difficult to be crossed, especially if you are not in good shape. In some cases you may need to carry you bicycle instead of being carried by it.

Agistri: vacation in "calm water"

The island's name during Ancient Times was "Kekrifalia", which means "embellished head". That surely disposes someone what to expect: coasts spread like pieces of lace, clear blue and green water, dense vegetation and the sense of isolation from civilization. In Agistri you can feel like a bohemian artist or live Robinson Crusoe's myth. There many places for free camping, there is a lake, where you can ride a horse and many hidden or obvious spots to relax. The island has a lot of beaches, considering its size. The most popular one is located in Scala, by the port, the island's most organized, as well as Megalohori Beach. Halikiada and Skliri are two beaches  that border on the west coast. Dragonera Beach, surrounded by a pine-forest, will amaze you. Lastly, in Limenaria Village there is Mareza Beach, rocky and perfect for plunges in its deep water.

Entertainment and nightlife varies, offering strong emotions, similar to those Cyclades' cosmopolitan islands offer, as well as more discreet options. There are many pubs and nigh-clubs, but, as you'll personally find out, every place with people gathered is a chance for fun. The locals' character and the islands' spirit help that everyone here becomes a member of a huge fun-company  and that's one of the place's strong advantages. Even in food, Agistri has nothing to be jealous of bigger islands; you can enjoy several modern dishes or taste traditional Greek specialties cooked like in home.

Those who love walking will definitely be amazed by the island relief's courses and they will discover small paradises, that can't be noticed or reached, if you use a car. Just don't forget to carry with you the necessary supplies for your walk, because Agistri Island has very few market places, all of them located in the four villages.

Agistri "musts"

  • Devote a day in Aponisos Island. It's a small private island next to Agistri, with an exotic landscape, crystal blue water, an organized beach and a tavern. You will pay 5 euros and you'll be given an umbrella, a chair and a drink. The tavern's food reminds a dinner at home and the sea-menu is always comprised of fresh fishes!
  • Visit the island's lake and rent a horse for a ride. It's a unique experience, that you'll surely want to repeat.
  • You can enjoy the island's best sunset – perhaps the best one in Argosaronikos Gulf – in "Kastro Cafe", located in Megalohori. Make sure to be there before the sun sets, so you can easily find a table.
  • You'll meet many tents in Dragonera Beach. It's the perfect place for free camping, impromptu beach-parties and new connections. You'll feel bohemian, even hippie, and you'll recharge your batteries with hours of relaxing. There is an alfresco canteen on the beach, so don't worry if you get hungry.
  • The bakery in Megalohori offers the best breakfast in Agistri! Taste the famous "tyropita" (cheese pie), as well as other pies with special fillings.
  • You must definitely devote some hours in Skliri's alleys, a scenery that will surely make you feel you are in a Cyclades' island. If your are not alone, look for "Lovers' Road" to take some photos.
  • You can participate in many karaoke contests in "Aquarius", located in Scala Beach.

Don't forget

If you receive medication, make sure you'll have the necessary quantity for as long as you plan to stay. There is only on pharmacy and one ATM in Agistri, both of them located in Scala Village.

Before you start walking, make sure you know the path's condition. There are many slopes, which will discourage you to go on. Riding a scooter is an excellent option, if you wish to get on the top of a hill.

Halikiada Beach is very popular to nudists and inaccessible. You'll face difficulties in arriving and leaving it, so if you have kids, maybe this isn't the best option for swimming.

We wish you the time of your life in beautiful Agistri Island!!!

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