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Spetses Island is Argosaronikos' Gulf second "nob" along with Hydra Island, a place that stands against time's velocity and modern trends. Choosing Spetses for your vacation is like traveling in last century's class and gentility. Everyone, that comes here, feel cosmopolitan and can hear the place's mystic voice calling him in a trip full of rare pictures and senses. It's the land of many great captains back that fought in 1821 Greek Revolution, a shelter for many celebrities and "primes", that choose the legendary "Poseidon Grand Hotel" for their accommodation, a place that Greek liberators' grace meets several personages, who established the World's Culture. Spetses Island meets the demands every visitor may have, as it combines a quiet, aristocratic routine on the roads, a cosmopolitan lifestyle by the port and small escapes to historical and religious monuments. Car are not allowed, so if you come to the island driving from Peloponnese, you must leave your vehicle in Porto Heli's Port. There are innumerable images, gardens full of flowers, well-preserved mansions and villas, restaurants and taverns for every taste, bars and night-clubs for those  who love intense night-life, picturesque spots, old shipyards and small hidden beaches waiting to be discovered. Spetses Island has been a place of inspiration and creation for many intellectuals. Among others, John Robert Fowles, the famous author of the best seller "The Magus". The holidays in Spetses will be amazing so book your ferry tickets now and live unique moments on the magnificent island of Spetses.

Port of Spetses

The island's heart beats on the port and around it, as most of activities take place there. It's the only connection with the whole world and the ideal place for an evening walk, a special dinner or a drink under moonlight. It's coastal connected to Piraeus Port, through flying dolphins and catamarans. The routes are frequent during summer and the voyage takes only two hours. You can book your ferry tickets online via aktoploika.gr for a journey more comfortable and carefree. There is also a connection to Porto Heli Port, as ferries and flying dolphins use it for an interim stop on their way to Piraeus.

Connection With Other Islands

Spetses Port is also connected to Hydra, Aegina and Poros, as sea-taxis and boats carry visitors during summertime.

Spetses has a ferry connection with the following ports: Piraeus, Hydra, Poros, Porto Heli, Ermioni.

Ferry Tickets

You can now book ferry tickets online for Spetses via Aktoploika.gr. If you plan to travel during July and August, it's best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

All transportation ways are available in Spetses. You can move, using a scooter, a bus, a bicycle, a donkey, or… a carriage. Another popular way is sea-taxis, that carry passengers to all beaches. There are two buses serving two routes, one from Agios Mamas to Agioi Anargyroi and another from Poseidon Grand Hotel to Ligoneri. Ticket prices are very low.

Spetses: an elegant fairy-tale scenery

Spetses took its name from its Venetian one "Izola de Spezia", which means "the island of scents", due to the many flower varieties the island had those times. If you ask a local to suggest some sights, he'll probably smile and will point the whole island. Spetses City has magnificent villas, cosmopolitan hangouts on the port and many monuments of history and culture. The most famous are Bouboulina Mansion, where you can see the great rebellion's personal objects, and the Hatzigiannis Mexis Mansion, with Bouboulina's bones and some findings from Iria Wreck, the worlds oldest wreck (1200 b.C).  Kounoupitsa Quarter will amaze you with its gardens full of colors and the architectural masterpieces. There are many classy mansion and villas across the city, but you must definitely visit Sotirios Anargiros; house, just above Ntapia Square on the port, built on 1904. Take the road to the Old Port, where you can see the "karnagia", the old shipyards, as well as Natalia Mela's beautiful sculptures. Don't forget to visit the legendary Poseidon Grand Hotel, where all celebrities use to lodge for over 100 years. Korgialeneios School is what locals are proud of. It's a public school and a boarding house in a private 9000 decares forest, with an olive grove, bunkhouses, a symposium center, art labs, an outdoor theater, a restaurant and many other facilities, a genuine cultural treasure. Standing on the city's highest spot is Virgin Mary's Assumption Church with its beautiful wooden altarpiece. Near the Lighthouse on the port you can see Panagia Armata Chappel, built on 1822, after the Spetses, Hydra and Psara residents' victory over the Turks. Every year on Semptember 8th a large number of events take place there and everyone celebrates; one of them is the battleship's representation. It's a unique spectacle, worth to be watched.

There are many beaches in Spetses, mostly hidden in rocky bays, but all of them very clean and beautiful. The most popular are Agioi Anargyroi, where you can get by bus, Agia Paraskevi, Agia Marina, Zogeria, Kouzounos, Xylokeriza and Sholes. Some of them have easy access, while others need a sea-taxi to be reached. Just beside Agioi Anargyroi Beach there is Bekiris Cave. You can access both from land and sea. In the first case you'll have to cross some steps and then follow the path until the entrance, where you may find it difficult to get in. In the second case you'll have to swim for some meters and follow the red mark on the rocks, as you continue swimming under them. Inside the cave you'll find a small beautiful beach surrounded by stalagmites, a tiny isolated paradise waiting for you.

Accross Spetses Island there is Spetsopoula Island, another small paradise, very close to Agia Marina Bay. You can get there by sea-taxi.

For those who love walking or riding a bicycle, Spetses has to offer many courses around the city. The most popular is the one leading to Profitis Ilias, the island's highest spot (308 meters altimeter), where you can have a panoramic view of Argosaronikos Gulf and East Peloponnese's mountains. Another beautiful course is the one from Ntapia Square to Kasteli. Kasteli is Spetses' old city, built on the Middle Age. As you reach the town, you'll have the chance to see the old wall's ruins. In Kasteli you can visit Agiow Vasileios Church, built where the city's acropolis was, and Agia Triada Church.  

Don't forget to make a visit on Agios Nikolaos Monastery, at the Old Port, with its fabulous 10 meters bell tower, made from Tinos Island marbles, and the beautiful pebble-yard.

Spetses "musts"

  • Spend a day for a cruise in Spetsopoula Island and enjoy the sea, hidden in one of the many small bays and surrounded by vegetation.
  • Use an electrical bicycle to move across the island, it's the new trend, that put the ease of a scooter and the carefreeness of a bicycle together.
  • Enjoy the sunset n Mexis Hatzigiannis Canon's Garden, at the Old Port. It's the place where flowers' colors join the sky's palette.

Enjoy your coffee at "Roussos", the central elevated cafe in Ntapia Square, where everyone passes from at least once a day. The port's view is magnificent, as well as the mushroom-pie.

  • Have a dinner at "Mouragio Tavern" at the Old Port, where you can enjoy "la spetsiota fish", the island's traditional recipe with tomato sauce. For your digestion we suggest a cocktail at the tavern's 19th century stone bar.
  • Those of you, who prefer fast food or sweets, "Ariston" is the place to visit in Ntapia Square. There are plenty of snacks and puff pastries to choose from and if you can't, trust us and order some doughnuts or a soft serve ice-cream, both of them available in many flavors.
  • You must definitely try "amygdaloto", a sweet made from cinnamon and clove.

Don't forget

Cars aren't allowed in Spetses. If you plan to get there with yours, you'll have to park it in a private parking in Piraeus City or Porto Heli's port parking, if you are coming from Peloponnese.

Just like Hydra Island, locals and public entities are very sensitive in environment issues. You'll find a lot of garbage bins inside and outside the city. You'll have to be very careful with your garbage, especially in beaches, as fines are too high.  

We wish you the time of your life in beautiful Spetses Island!!!

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