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CHANIA FERRY TICKETS | Cheap Ferry & Boat Tickets to Chania, CreteFerry tickets to Chania, Crete

Chania is one of the most beautiful cities in Crete. In Chania, there are small parks, neoclassical buildings that make the city look more special and beautiful. The Venetian and the Turkish element are also present and the city as well as the surrounding villages has got enough monuments to visit. The monuments in Chania are important and surely worth a visit during your holidays. Eleftherios Venizelos' house, the Mosque of Kioutsouk Hassan, the Folk Museum, the Minoan ship, the Archaeological Museum, the Venetian port, the Firka port, the Agios Nikolaos church are just some of what you can see in Chania. Moreover, the beaches near Chania have crystal clear waters and you can enjoy the sun and the sea in organized, cosmopolitan beaches as well as more secluded and quieter ones. Agia Marina, Falasarna and Platanias are just a few of the magnificent beaches of the area. There are several stores, selling handmade embroideries, ceramics, wooden sculptures made in workshops in Chania. Nightlife in Chania, as well as in the rest of the prefectures in Crete, is intense and lots of Greeks and foreigners have fun until early in the morning. In Chania there are bars and clubs with Greek or international music for all tastes. Chania is waiting for you and all you have to do is book your ferry tickets now.

The Chania Port

Ferries depart frequently and regularly from the port of Piraeus for Chania. Book your ferry tickets online via aktoploika.gr and travel to Crete comfortably and without a care. The journey from Piraeus to Chania lasts about 10 hours. Souda, the port of Chania, which is 7 kilometers away from the center of the city, is a very safe port with modern facilities. On the small islet at Souda you will see the remains of an old Venetian castle while you will also find lots of hotels, rooms to rent, restaurants and cafes. You can get very quickly and easily from Souda to Chania by taking one of the buses or a taxi.

Connection with other ports

Chania has a ferry connection with the following ports: Piraeus (Athens).

Ferry Tickets

You can now book ferry tickets online for Chania via Aktoploika.gr. If you plan to travel during July and August, it's best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

Crete is a big and modern island and the buses with itineraries inside Chania and the areas around are plenty. In Chania you will easily find a bus for the beaches nearby as well as for the rest of the prefectures in Crete. There are bus itineraries from very early in the morning until very late at night while during the summer they are very frequent. You will find several available taxis at the port of Souda as well as in Chania, which will take you to the villages around the city and to the most beautiful beaches. If on the other hand you prefer to have your own vehicle you can simply rent one from the several car and motorbike rental agencies available in Chania. Distances on the island are quite long so transportation will be easy and comfortable using a rented car or motorbike.

Chania, one of Crete's most popular tourist and commercial hubs, fully cover the residents' and visitors' transportation needs, as urban and interurban buses connect the city with the main destinations in the island. Everyone arriving in Chania's port or airport, can use the local bus lines, to get downtown. Most buses' start is right in front the Old Market, downtown, where buses start, to move passengers to Chania's suburbs and neighbor settlements. The Interurban Bus Station is about 500 m south, at Kidonias St., where all buses, that take passengers to the Crete's rest of the cities, start. A more romantic option, for your city movement, is to rent one of the carriages at the Old Port.

Chania :: The beauties and the people

The White Μountains with their national park and the most famous canyon in Greece, beautiful marked trails, climbing slopes of all degrees of difficulty, places ideal for hang gliding, but also the seabed for beginners and experienced divers, full vineyards, wine and rakokazana ideal for wine tourism and cultural enclaves of 50 centuries. The westerner prefecture of Crete and its people hold all the keys to make the alternative traveler to return again and again!

The prefecture of Chania, surrounded by sea, lies in the majestic massif of the White Mountains, looking back on  the glories of the past, distant or recent. Revolutions, battles and wars of centuries braided a veil of legends who come to life at every step of the visitor, getting out from the ground, like water from the flowers in the spring.

The dominance of the White Mountains in the prefecture seems to determine the life and the history of the place. With 415 km coast from the three cardinal points, one would expect that the life and the economy would be mainly naval. However, the extensive mountain range, 50 length and width of 25 kilometers, occupies the largest part of the prefecture. With highest peak on 2,395 meters and dozens of peaks over 2,000 meters, the White Mountains were not only permanent source of water and life in the region, but also secure refuge in crisis situations. The madares, a desert on the mountain, an unprecedented geological phenomenon and unique landscape. Flat areas only exist in the northern and northwestern part of the prefecture, where there are the most current communities. The geographical isolation of Sfakia has contributed greatly in shaping the character of the region.

The National Park of the White Mountains is the only one in Crete. Its core is the Samaria Gorge, which begins from the South side of the plateau of Omalos, at an altitude of 1,200 meters, and descends in Agia roumeli, in the Libyan.  Over 450 species of its natural kingdom there are in the region, 70 of which are endemic of Crete.

Elafonisi is wonderful. Ideal time to visit it is on May or September, to wander around its cedar forests and walk across the island to admire the dunes, the aromatic shrubs and the unbelievably aquamarine waters. A little further souther, the Cedar Forest is a unique monument of nature, as the ancient cedar trunks look like natural sculptures.

A magical maze and a tour of its history, is the old town of Chania. One of the most beautiful Greek cities, with venetian mansions, fountains, elaborate churches and cobbled streets.

The findings show that the area has been inhabited continuously since the Minoan era. The Topanas with wealthy Greeks, the jewish quarter with the synagogue and the fountain, the turkomachalas with the mosque of Kiutsuk Hassan and opposite to it, the waterfront with the Venetian lighthouse. And of course, don't miss a stroll for shopping and snack in the municipal market, a true feast of colors, aromas and tastes of all local products. And from the North, to the South of the prefecture.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Frangokastello, which is facing the Libyan Sea. Built by the Venetians during the decade of 1370, to oversee the region by foreign pirates. Worth to visit and admire the square walls and its towers. The landscape  in the Prefecture of Chania constantly shifts with sea view through the mountains. The harmony wins the sightseer. Spend time to explore the hinterland. Don't miss to visit the traditional village Milia in the municipality Inachori and discover the beautiful trails in 9 villages of the region. The area at large of the cape Spada in municipality of Kolimbari. Follow the route Vukolies-Rumata-Kandanos and Paleochora or Sugia. Indulge in the green of the plain of Agyia and in the magic of the orange villages that coming into view. Meet the beautiful path that follows the cycle lane in the area. Discover the rich habitat  around the Lake of Agyia and enjoy a beautiful area of 290 acres that transforms into an environmental center of renewable energy sources.

Travel to the picturesque Vamos but also to the rest villages of Apokoronas, to Stilos with the cool springs, to the traditional settlements in the villages Patima and Filaki  in Georgiupoli and of course to the Lake of Kurnas. Drive to the mountainous province of Sfakia and finish you route in the Libyan Sea.

Chania  "musts"
Loutro village is one of Greece's few places that can't be accessed or crossed by car. You can go there using one of the small boats from Hora Sfakion or by foot, through the international E4 path. Both courses are magnificent. The village looks like a fairy-tale scenery, locals are hospitable, routine is humane and local cuisine uses domestic ingredients.

There are countless beaches in Chania County, but locals prefer Kedrosasos beach for their swim, with its beautiful cedar forest. It will be better to visit it on a weekday, as on weekends the place is flooded by locals.

The most picturesque place in Chania city is definitely the old port, but the old Muslim district of Splantzia, on the East side, is the most atmospheric. This is where you'll find many shops selling rare and bizarre souvenirs, special clothes and accessories, as well as unique places to eat or have a drink, that will take you to a trip centuries ago.

Happy Holidays! Crete is waiting for you!

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