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DONOUSSA FERRY TICKETS | Cheap Ferry & Boat Tickets to Donoussa IslandFerry tickets to Donoussa

Donoussa is a small Cycladic island, with few residents and beautiful beaches. You will spend calm and peaceful holidays in Donoussa, enjoying swimming and the local delicacies such as the stuffed goat with rice, the patatato but also the traditional sweet nougat in lemon leaves. You can easily explore the whole Donoussa and visit its various churches, like the church of the Virgin Mary and the Cross but also the ancient settlements of the geometrical period. You should also visit the Cave of the Wall, which is full of amazing stalactites. You will have relaxed and carefree holidays and you will be filled with joy and enthusiasm. If you too want to spend some unforgettable holidays in Donoussa, all you have to do is book your ferry tickets now.

The Donoussa Port

You can easily travel by ship from Piraeus and the surrounding islands to Donoussa. You can also book your ferry tickets online via aktoploika.gr for a more comfortable and carefree journey. The route from Piraeus to Donoussa lasts about 7 hours and its harbor, the Cross or Kambos, is the biggest settlement of the island. There are lots of restaurants and cafes as well as rooms to let near the port.  

Connection With Other Islands

Donoussa has a ferry connection with the following ports: Piraeus (Athens), Amorgos, Astypalaia, Heraklion (Crete), Koufonisia, Naxos, Paros, Santorini, Schinoussa.

Ferry Tickets

You can now book ferry tickets online for Donoussa via Aktoploika.gr. If you plan to travel during July and August, it's best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

The distances in Donoussa are very small and you can easily travel on foot while there are boats that can take you to some of the more secluded beaches of the island. With only four settlements, three of them uninhabited, and a very short road network, moving in Donousa is the last thing that will bother you. There aren't any buses, only two taxis and, as an alternative transportation way, you can take a small boat, which will take you to a beach, or use your ...feet. You can always rent a bicycle in Stavros, that will be proved your faithful friend in your excursions.

Small but gorgeous..!

It is the northernmost island of the Cyclades and is located at a great distance from the rest of the islands. Amorgos is the nearest island in a 14 miles distance. It has an area of 13 square kilometers, and 110 permanent inhabitants that are fishermen or farmers. The name of the island is preserved from the ancient times.

Stavros, is the capital and the port of the island and is located in the southern part of Donoussa and is protected from the north winds. Here you will find one of the most beautiful beaches and if you have a boat you can moor at the smallest dock to the right. Stavros you will find everything, taverns, mini markets, bakeries, cafes, bar and rooms to let. The other villages are Kalotaritissa, with the picturesque tavern, Troulos, Messaria and Mersini. A main road connects these villages. You will be charmed by the sandy beaches-bays of Kedros and Livadi. At the seabed of Kedros someone can see the wreck of a German ship which was sunk by the allies during World War II. Donoussa is a small paradise for those who want to enjoy the nature with calmness, the swimming and the sea.

During your stay on the island do not miss to visit the Cave of Tichos which is located north west of the island, the remnants of the geometric settlements that indicate the inhabitation of the island since then and the churches of the Holy Cross, the Virgin Mary and St. John. Also, taste kavourma, patatato, lamp stuffed with rice and as you are leaving the island take with you axialomizithra and sesame.

Donousa's "musts"

  • Mersini village has the privilege to combine the sea's blue with the mountain's green color. A small water spring and some plane-trees are the last things you expect to see on a small dry Aegean island.
  • Twenty minutes later, on the sea's direction, is Livadi, the island's paradise. I's the perfect place for free camping.
  • Fokospilia is a shelter for seals and a place accessible only by boat. The landscape has a wild beauty and water are crystal clear.

Don't forget

People on the island live with water that is brought by aquifer-ships, so don't waste water.

The island doesn't have any pharmacy. If you are under a medical treatment, make sure you have the necessary stock for as many days as you'll stay.

There is only one ATM cash machine on the island.

Make sure you always have a torch and a light jacket with you on your night walks, especially on August. In some roads there is no lights and the August's "meltemia" (wind) are cold.

Be careful with the slopes, even if you climb or go down on them. The terrain's incline is big and there is a serious danger, even when you walk (driving a scooter is much more risky).

Happy Holidays!!!

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