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Folegandros, with the amazing paths for walking, the beautiful landscape and the dreamy beaches is waiting to offer you its incomparable hospitality. Its settlements, Hora, Karavostasis, Ano Meria and Agali have restaurants, bars, hotels and rooms to let. In Folegandros, you will find lots of organized beaches that attract lots of people but also more secluded ones, waiting to be discovered. Some of the beautiful beaches of the island that you must visit to enjoy the sun and the sea, are the Agios Georgios, Katergo, Livadi, Agali, Hohlidia, Livadaki, Vorina and Serfiotiko. After swimming, you can visit one of the traditional taverns of the island and taste the local snacks and fresh fish. In Hora you can walk in the alleys and climb up to the church of the Assumption of the Mother of God or Virgin Mary's rock. In Hora, you will also find the Medieval Castle of the island. Nightlife in Folegandros is sweet and relaxed with meals in the restaurants, drinks in some bars and walks by the sea or at the squares. If you too want to spend unforgettable holidays in Folegandros, all you have to do is book your ferry tickets now.

The Folegandros Port

You can easily travel to Folegandros by ship from Piraeus and the surrounding islands. You can also book your ferry tickets online via aktoploika.gr for an even more comfortable and carefree journey. Travelling from Piraeus to Folegandros by a conventional ferry takes about 11 hours while it's 4 hours by a speedboat. Karavostasis, the port of Folegandros, offers an amazing beach, the Hohlidia, with crystal waters, shades, sea sports, restaurants and cafes.

Connection With Other Islands

Folegandros has a ferry connection with the following ports: Piraeus (Athens), Amorgos (Katapola), Ios, Kimolos, Koyfonisia, Milos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Santorini, Serifos, Sifnos, Sikinos, Syros.

Ferry Tickets

You can now book ferry tickets online for Folegandros via Aktoploika.gr. If you plan to travel during July and August, it's best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

Right out of the port you will find the terminal of the buses that will transport you to the various settlements and beaches of the island. The itineraries are frequent enough especially during summer. You can also travel by taxi, although it certainly costs more compared to the bus. If you prefer more flexible transportation, all you have to do is rent a car or a motorbike. Still, Folegandros is not big and if you like walking, you can explore it on foot and use boats to travel to the beach of your choice.

You definitely don't need a car in Folegandros, as the island's three main settlements (Karavostasi, Hora, Ano Meria) are connected with a road no longer than 12 kilometers, while short vertical roads lead to smaller settlements and beaches. There are still many small boats, that connect Karavostasi and Agali with many beaches, while there are many short cruises 2-3 times a week. For you, who love exercise and nature, there is also the option of renting a bicycle, which will help you bypass the main roads and discover small, hidden paradises.

Untouched images

Folegandros, or else Polikandros, was inhabited by the prehistoric era and took its name from the son of Minos, Folegandros. With the arrival of the visitor in Karavostassis port, the beauties are being slowly unfold. Chora is the capital of Folegandros, built in and around the castle, on the top of a steep cliff, 200 meter above the sea. Picturesque cobbled streets, beautiful squares, white houses with floral courtyards, countless churches, hospitable people. The summer nights come alive with local wine and music from violin, lute, tubi and bagpipe.

One of the biggest caves in Greece and a spectacular monument of nature is the cavern Chrissospilia, full of stalagmites and stalactites, which lies on the eastern side of the island. The access to the cave is made after permission of the archaeological service and only by sea (when it's not windy), followed by an extremely dangerous climbing recommended only to experienced climbers. In the ancient times, the area was used as a place of worship and ceremonies. On the walls and on the roof of the cave are inscribed the names of those who took part in them.

A tour in Ano Meria, the second largest settlement of the island, it's like time travel.  Images untouched by the development ease the glance of the traveler.

The Monastery of Virgin Mary with the white church of the Assumption of the 19th century, Basilica with many domes with a very tall steeple, has stunning views. The church is built on the site of an ancient temple, a building material which was used for the erection.

Folegandros smells thyme and bees exploit it to prepare the special honey of the island. The August watermelons are combined with honey and sesame seeds and create the ''karpuzenia'', an amazing watermelon pie.  Taste also the kalasuna, the patties, the cooked caper, the matsata, the local pasta, the ''souroto'' cheese and the spicy cheese, aged in the barrel of wine dregs, 'lees, 'yili' for the locals.

Folegandros' "musts"

  • Make a visit in Ano Meria village, one of Aegean's most picturesque, with its traditional houses and the locals' hospitality. Visiting "Mpakalotaverna" is another "must" in this village, a combination of tavern and groceries shop, that will make you travel many decades back. Try and buy the handmade pasta. Next to it, "Nikos Bakery" fills the village's air with smells: fresh bread made on a stove, where thyme sticks are burning!
  • The island has many beautiful beaches, but one that stands above all is Katergo beach with its dark rocks and the affective sea-bed. There's a small path to get there (very tough and suitable only for those who are experienced) or you can rent a small boat.
  • Buy some Folegandros honey made from thyme and flowers pollen. There are very few beekeepers on the island, whose production is high-class.
  • Folegandros' paths are countless and crossed by each other, thus they're creating many courses. The path that starts from Hora, meets Stavros, Christos, Fera and ends at Agkali, is worth to be done, lasting no more than an hour.
  • Faros offers the best sunset on the island. You'll find it in Aspropounta and you can walk there (it's a 20 minutes course from Livadaki or Ano Meria).

Don't forget

Folegandros is one of the few places on Earth, you'll relax and you won't have to think of anything. The most paths are walkable, distances are short, the locals are simple calm people, used to a quiet routine, their life goes on without anxiety, neither crowds or exaggerations. In other words, you may fell – and you'll feel – like home.

Happy Holidays in Folegandros!!!  

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