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THIRASSIA FERRY TICKETS | Online Ferry & Boat Tickets to Thirassia IslandFerry tickets to Thirassia

The little island of Thirassia, which is actually a relic of a volcano eruption, remains untouched by time. The small narrow alleys, the few white houses, the few locals and the fact that it has not yet been discovered by most of the tourists make the island of Thirassia a small heaven on earth. The view from Manola, the capital of the island, built high in Kaldera, is simply enchanting. The settlements of the island have electricity and a water supply system, some stores, restaurants, surgeries, some lodging but you will not find lots of people and traffic. The food in Thirassia is amazing since all products are fresh. Taste the local dishes and you'll find them finger-licking good. In Thirassia you will also find several chapels, like the Metamorfosi of Sotiros and Agios Ioannis as well as the monastery of the Koimisis of Theotokou. The beaches of the island have crystal clear waters and you will feel unbelievably refreshed, if you swim. The perfumes and the images in Thirassia will enchant you. If you too want to spend unforgettable holidays in Thirassia all you have to do is book your ferry tickets now.

The Thirassia Port

You can easily and comfortably take a ferry from Piraeus, Rafina and the surrounding islands for Thirassia. You can also book your ferry tickets online via aktoploika.gr for a journey more comfortable and carefree. To arrive at Thirassia you can travel from Piraeus to Santorini, a journey that lasts 9 hours by ferry and about 4 to 5 hours by speed ferry, and then take the ferry to Thirassia. There is also a ferry departing from Rafina for Santorini, a journey that lasts about 8 hours and again you can take the ferry to Thirassia from Santorini. Thirassia is very close to Santorini and the journey does not last more than 20 minutes. There is also a direct ferry from Piraeus to Thirassia, which makes several stops at the surrounding islands. You can also find frequently departures from the port of Ammoudi (Oia, Santorini) operated with small local boats all year round. Near the port of Thirassia, Riva, you will find a tavern or two.  

Connection With Other Islands

Thirassia has a ferry connection with the following ports: Anafi, Folegandros, Ios, Naxos, Paros, Santorini, Ammoudi (Oia), Sikinos and Syros.

Ferry Tickets

You can now book ferry tickets online for Thirassia via Aktoploika.gr. If you plan to travel during July and August, it's best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

If you like hiking, Thirassia has to offer very nice rural paths while in general distances on the island are not very long if you feel like exploring it on foot. There is, of course, a small and old bus on the islands and some itineraries as well as some rural taxis, which you will usually find them at Riva, the port of Thirassia.

Visitors in Thirassia definitely won't be interested in how they move in the island, as Santorini's magnificent view and the endless Aegean blue scenery are above any needs. The one and only bus, connectts Manola Village with Potamos and Riva Port, even though routes aren't that frequent and the island's roads don't allow high speed. Don't hesitate to hijack one of the few cars in the island, because this is definitely the most popular way to move here.

To circle of the volcano!

Very close to Santorini, Thirassia, is a small part of the west coast of the ancient Strogkili. An island the was created by the terrible earthquake of 1650 BC. Together with Santorini and Aspronisi complete an imaginary circle. In its center,there is the volcano.

Therasia, hosts many natural beauties, while the architecture of the houses and thechurches, the white houses, the vegetation in combination with the turquoise waters are some of the main features of the island. An ideal destination for those who want to enjoy peaceful holidays away from the crowds and the daily life.  ITs port is called Riva. To arrive there you can use their boats from the Amoudi bay to OIA and it takes about 20 minutes to reach your destination.

It is worth noting that from the bowels of thirassia, in the mid-18th century., there was a bid export of pouzolani that was used back then for the construction of the Suez Canal. The workers of the mine were digging deeply and they unearthed remains of a building, clay vessels and even human skeleton. This discovery was the cause for the subsequent excavations in Akrotiri and in other areas of Santorini.

Therassia's "musts"

  • Explore. By foot, on a donkey (the animals here aren't victims of exploitation and will gladly carry you) or with your eyes. The island is full of hidden beauties and it's the real proof of the human strength and will, to survive harmonically with nature.
  • Visit Potamos village, with its 115 uninhabited and 10 inhabited houses, built on three levels across a creek.
  • Enjoy the magnificent view from Koimisi Theotokou Monastery. You'll feel you are on the edge of the world!
  • In Korofu's small port you'll be able to enjoy the calm sea and the delicious appetizers in the taverns. Fishes are fresh and cooked in a traditional way.

Don't forget

If you want to get to know Therassia, you'll have to walk or get numb on an animals back. The roads are inchoate and most places are accessible through paths or narrow dirt-roads. You must definitely wear sneakers.

Happy Holidays in Thirassia!!!

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