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SeaJets (Address: 2 D. Gounari str. (2nd floor) 185 31 Piraeus, Tel: +30 210 4121001 & +30 210 4121901)

Seajets is not simply a coastal shipping company. It is your ultimate link to the magnificent Greek Isles; the Cyclades and Crete.

It is the only fast ferry company which carries out daily trips for 7 months of the year - from April through to October - because we understand only too well that your needs are ongoing, and it is important to us that your summer lasts as long as possible so that you may be rejuvenated for the winter months ahead.

Seajets was created with your best interests at heart and to fulfill your every need, so that your journey may be an unforgettable one. Over and above the basic requisites of comfort and safety on board our vessel, we also understand your need to reach your destination and begin your island holidays as soon as possible, which is why every year we do our best to shorten the journey time.

We are able to accomplish this because:

  • Seajets has the only fast ferry service from Piraeus to Mykonos, and from 30th May to 30th September the fast car-passenger ferry "Masterjet" daily will be able to get you to your destination in just 2 hours and 50 minutes.

-We have the only fast ferry service from Piraeus to Folegandros.

  • We boast the fastest ferry service from Piraeus to Milos, in just 2 1/2 hours.

Another important feature which distinguishes Seajets is the "links" which it offers its passengers between islands - 140 links to 16 islands in the Cyclades and Crete — because we know how precious your holiday is and understand that you wish to spend it as carefree as possible, not having to travel back and forth from Athens and Piraeus. For this reason we have planned links for your benefit which you could never even have imagined until now:

-We are on the only ones that offer a connection from Santorini and Mykonos to Amorgos and Koufonisi.

  • Every Sunday night we have a direct service from Amorgos and Koufonisi to Piraeus.

3 1/2 hours Amorgos- Piraeus

3 hours Koufonisi - Piraeus

Even for the tourist who might arrive in Athens by plane and is eager to leave on the same day for the islands but cannot be in Piraeus port on time for the morning scheduled departure time to Tinos, Mykonos, Naxos, Amorgos, Koufonisi and Santorini, in order to avoid disappointment Seajets offers an alternative service from Rafina port to the same island destinations, departing at 15.45 hrs daily.

Finally, in addition to coastal shipping services we can also offer you unforgettable one-day trips to the islands, such as to Mykonos, where you can remain for 7 whole hours on the "island of winds", swimming in the crystal clear waters or meandering through the unique cobble stoned streets of the island itself. And all that can all be enjoyed at a discount of 20% on the price of your return fare. Holidays are precious and we want to do everything possible to help make it as unique and unforgettable as possible!

Experience a truly unforgettable summer with Seajets! Book your ferry to sunshine now!!