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CHIOS FERRY TICKETS | Online Ferry & Boat Tickets to Chios IslandFerry tickets to Chios

Chios has always been a rich island due to the production of chewing gum, which is famous and is exported to almost all around the world. The island of Chios, which is in the East Aegean Sea, offers its visitors beautiful and pleasant holidays. The beaches, the nightlife, the attractions, the museums, the towns and villages of Chios will leave no visitor complaining. The tall houses with the all green yards and the little gardens in Hora will impress you. Visit the Castle of the island, the Folk Museum, the Gallery as well as the Korais Library. The villages of Chios are all around with various beautiful little churches and most of them keep the local traditions very much alive. The Chios villages by the sea have beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters as well as several taverns and restaurants. The Chios locals are especially hospitable and you will certainly feel at home on the island. Book your ferry tickets as soon as possible and enjoy unique holidays in Chios.     

The Chios Port

There are regular ferry departures from the port of Piraeus for the Chios port and the journey, including stops at other islands as well, lasts about 9 hours. For a carefree journey book online your ferry tickets via aktoploika.gr. Hora of Chios is also the main port of the island. There is a second port as well on the island, the port of Meston.

Connections With Other Islands

Chios has a ferry connection with the following ports: Piraeus (Athens), Ikaria, Oinousses, Kavala, Lesvos, Limnos, Mykonos, Patmos, Psara, Rhodes, Samos (Vathi, Karlovasi), Syros, Turkey (Cesme).

Ferry Tickets

You can now book ferry tickets online for Chios via Aktoploika.gr. If you plan to travel during July and August, it's best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

Public transportation in Chios is frequent and regular. You will also find several taxis on the island. When you reach the port, you will find a bus stop and taxis, in order to get to other areas. However, if you want to explore the whole island you can always rent a vehicle from the several car and motorbike rental agencies on the island. Having your own vehicle will make travelling more comfortable and pleasant.

Chios Island, one of Greece's biggest in extend, is characterized by a relief variety (small plateaus, but continuous low mountainous masses). The most suitable way of transportation, especially during summertime, is the local buses network, that covers even the smallest settlement's needs, as well as in-town transportation. The Bus Station is locates right beside the main port and it's one of Greece most modernized, as it contains even private lockers, to keep your personal stuff safe. You can buy your ticket even in the bus and it's price isn't bigger than 9 euros.

Time travel!

Chios, famous for its unique mastic that is grown exclusively in the Mastic villages, the naval tradition, the fertile citrus fruit orchards and mansions in the region of Kambos. Chios of vivid medieval villages with the vaulted narrow streets and the New Monastery, an UNESCO World Heritage site. The Korais library, maybe the largest regional library of Greece, with rare manuscripts and maps. The Castle of the city, which has been inhabited uninterruptedly since the Hellenistic period. Chios, which can satisfy even the most demanding alternative or non-tourist.

In Chios, first and foremost, you will taste the mastic! From mastic liqueur to handmade pasta with mastic flavor. Taste also the suma, the local version of tsipuro, derived from the distillation of figs, in nempikaria, the local household distilleries. The famous spoon sweets and whatever is produced based on the mandarin of Chios. The masurakia, local version of marzipan and the delicious pastelaries. Finally, enjoy the chian wine, in wineries which you can visit and there you will discover the secrets of the wine production.

When you visit Chios, don't forget to visit the cave of Olympians, which is located near the medieval village, who maintains unchanged the architectural features. Inside the cave, you will have the opportunity to admire the impressive stalactites and stalagmites, the specifics of which classify the cave in one of the most remarkable of Greece.

Also, you should certainly take a walk in the castle. It was built during the Byzantine period and despite the attacks it has received, today has well-preserved walls, while inside there are many buildings saved. In the castle you'll also see more remarkable Byzantine monuments, like the church of Saint George, Kria Vrisi and Kula. The famous mastic villages and the beautiful medieval villages are waiting for you to explore them!  Mesta is the most remote from the medieval villages, but also the most well-kept. The houses are built side by side without any blanks, the streets are narrow and most of them are covered with arches. The oldest monument of Mesta is the church of the Former Commander of the Byzantine period. Pirgi, built like a castle, with narrow streets, houses built one next to each other, while in the center of the village there is a large ruined tower. Most buildings are 'scratch', i.e. the outer layer is painted white and then from this, various geometric shapes are scraped.

Chios' "musts"

  • Mesta is Chios'  best-kept castle-village. The buildings' architecture is unique and color contrasts are engraved on the visitor's mind. Just beside it, Castri village will leave speechless with its unique house's style. This is where you'll taste the famous "masticha" and learn its history at the "Masticha Museum".
  • Drink a traditional Greek coffee, made on the fire, as well as domestic sweets on Vesa's cafes, on the west side of the island.
  • Armolia village is one of the island's nexuses. You'll have the chance to buy beautiful ceramics and drink some water from the villages' three natural springs.
  • Amani, on the northwest, offers many walking courses in a wild, impressive scenery.
  • You'll find Anavatos "fortress-village" at the island's center, built on a steep rock, a spectacle similar to a historical film scenery.
  • "Masticha" is Chios' trademark and the basic material for many products. You'll definitely have an issue, when you'll have to choose from: liqueurs, chewing gums, candies, sweet, cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, candles are only a few choices.
  • You can find and drink "tsipouro" all over Greece, but this is the only place you can find "souma". It's a high-quality kind of "tsipouro",made from figs' distillation.
  • Taste and buy a bottle of "Ariousios Wine". It''s a Chios' domestic product, famous since the Ancient Times.
  • There are countless handmade sweets you can find on local products shops, as well as sweets made from citrus fruits.

Don't forget

In many beaches the water becomes very deep in a few meters and there are strong water-streams. Take care of children and those who can't swim well.

The island's climate is typical Mediterranean, but during nights there is a significant temperature drop, especially on the island's north side. Make sure you have a light jacket with you.

Happy Holidays In Chios!!!

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