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LESVOS FERRY TICKETS | Online Ferry & Boat Tickets to Lesvos IslandFerry tickets to Lesvos

The beautiful island of Lesvos offers visitors exactly what they are looking for on their holidays. If what you want is calmness and relaxation, then you will find it in Lesvos. If on the other hand, you want excitement and nightlife, then you will find it too in Lesvos. The island is big enough and during the summer months is flooded with people. You may enjoy your swim either on cosmopolitan beaches or on more remote and quiet ones. It is also worth exploring the whole island, its monasteries and churches, the archaeological museum, the folk museum, but also the Gulf of the Beauty, a unique attraction on the island, where you can observe rare birds. There are many beautiful traditional little villages on the island, adding a romantic touch to the atmosphere. Taste the local delicacies and enjoy nights with the famous ouzo of the island. Book as fast as possible your ferry tickets and enjoy unique holidays in Lesvos.

The Port of Lesvos

There are regular departures from the port of Piraeus and the port of Rafina for the port of Lesvos and the journey, including stops at other islands – takes about 12 and 10 hours respectively. For a carefree journey, book your ferry tickets online via aktoploika.gr. Mitilini is the capital, but also the port of Lesvos. It is an impressive town with a castle built on a height and dazzling buildings. You can find thermal springs at the nearby beaches of Mitilini.

Connection With Other Islands

Lesvos has a ferry connection with the following ports: Piraeus (Athens), Chios, Ikaria, Kavala, Limnos, Mykonos, Patmos, Rhodes, Samos (Vathi, Karlovasi), Syros, Psara, Turkey (Ayvalik).

Ferry Tickets

You can now book ferry tickets online for Lesvos via Aktoploika.gr. If you plan to travel during July and August, it's best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

Several buses depart from the capital of the island, Mitilini, for all the areas, the villages and the beaches of the island. There is of course the alternative of a taxi, always available on the island. You can also rent your own vehicle from the car and motorbike rental agencies on the island.

Mytilini has one of the most properly organized bus – transportation network, with plenty of routes, covering all the island's roads. There are three bus stations, all of them located beside the port, in Lesvos City. The urban buses' station is across the ferries' dock, while there are two more bus stations for buses traveling along the island, a few meters on the west, one for buses that travel east and another one for buses that travel west and north. Tickets' price starts from 1.20 euros for urban routes and reaches the price of 12 euros for the most destined routes. You can buy your ticket from the intermediary stops, from the bus – driver.  

The «golden» island

Island, beautiful, lush, artistic, gourmet, ideal for hikers and nature lovers, with incredible landscape changes, with beautiful mansions scattered even in the smallest village, with crystal clear seas and hot springs. The third in size island of Greece, Lesvos, elaborate and striking, balances between East and West and it is a whole universe.

Paradise for gourmets, with delicious fish, mythical distilleries that produce the country's best ouzo, olive oil press with the famous golden olive oil, sweet-smelling cheeses, delicious wines, dried fruit, and generous restaurant owners who offer all these on your plate, Lesvos is gaining more and more people who look for quality in their vacation. The Oil Museums in Saint Paraskevi and in Papados of Gera, an Ouzo Museum in Plomari, as well as dozens of abandoned olive oil press with burners in their chimneys that don't smoke anymore, characterize the landscape of the island and continue to whisper top stories, inspiration and creativity in this magical corner of the northeastern Aegean.

Antiquity and art lovers will also find an ideal destination. Theofilos' Museum and the Museum-Library of Stratis Eleftheriadis Teriade with the olive grove that surrounds them, constitute a unique point of civilization on the island. An Old and a New Museum in Mitilene reveal the findings of an island that was crowded with people from the Neolithic Age. The Ancient Theater, the spectacular castle of Mitilene, one of the largest in Mediterranean Sea, the Roman aqueduct in Moria, the Byzantine Museum which is located opposite the Temple of Saint Therapontas, the Yeni Mosque with the unique murals and many other monuments scattered throughout the island, testify its rich history and the principal role that it played for centuries in this maritime crossroads of the northeast Aegean.

Countless churches and monasteries decorate the entire island and make it a top destination for believers from all over the Greece.  The monastery of Taxiarchis Michail, near Mantamados stands out together with the impressive monastery of Limonos with the numerous chapels that surround it, tributes by believers throughout the centuries.

Lesvos also stands out for another reason. A whole network of marked hiking paths around the island, with informative lecterns, observatories and pavilions for rest for the hikers and trails with varying degrees of difficulty that will satisfy even the most experienced hikers.

Beautiful villages, like Molivos, the neighbouring Petra, the gourmet Vafios, the lush Agiassos, the legendary Eressos, the Alikes of Kalloni with its rich wetland and the eerie landscape, the Petrified Forest in Sigri with the Natural History Museum and also infinite corners, constitute a world, intact from the plague of the mass tourism for demanding and picky visitors.

Lesvos' "musts"

  • Lesvos means "ouzo" and appetizers and the right place for these two is Plomari. It's perhaps the only place in Greece with so many appetizers and the highest ouzo quality. There is even an Ouzo Museum there!
  • In Kalloni Bay, beside the delicious menu, the famous sardene and the picturesque places you can also admire many bird spices in the wetland, as well as flamingos.
  • In Petra village you'll enjoy the sea by the sandy beach and you'll cross 114 steps to reach the Panagia Petras Church.
  • In Geras Bay you'll have the chance to be revitalized with a "spa" in the natural hot springs, as you enjoy your coffee. Prices are too low, so go for it!
  • Take the chance to buy some beautiful ceramics in the magnificent Agiasos village.

Don't forget

Lesvos is a big island and in some cases you'll have to drive for hours to reach your destination. Don't start your trip without knowing the course's length. Road are in good condition, but can't support high velocity driving. There are many goats, that appear in the middle of the road out of nowhere and in most famous places, as Molivos, Kalloni and Plomari, there is a lot of traffic.

Weather conditions differ from the medium Greek summer's, especially in high altimeter. Always have with you a light jacket, especially at nights.

If you travel to Greece from abroad and you are willing to catch a flight on your way home, be aware of the luggage weight limit. Lesvos has too many unique traditional products, that it will be impossible to bring everything home with you. Choose wisely and make a budget of your luggage weight.

Happy Holidays in Lesvos!!!

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