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The little island of Psara with the glorious history, the peaceful landscape, the hospitable locals and the amazing beaches is heaven on earth for the ones seeking alternative holidays, isolation and serenity. Visit the beaches of Kato Gialos, Lakka, Lazoreta, Monastiri tis Panagias tis Psarianis and Spitalia, a kind of hospital from the 18th century. Try to fish as well, and if you are not lucky, there is surely fresh fish at the little taverns of the island. Book your ferry tickets as soon as possible and enjoy unique holidays in Psara.

The Psara Port

There are regular ferry departures from the port of Piraeus and the journey, including stops to other islands, lasts about 10 hours. For a carefree journey book online your ferry tickets via aktoploika.gr. The port is at the only settlement of the island which is also called Psara. It is a settlement full of monuments from different eras as well as amazing beaches.

Connection With Other Ports

Psara has a ferry connection with the following ports: Lesvos, Chios, Piraeus (Athens).

Ferry Tickets

You can now book ferry tickets online for Psara via Aktoploika.gr. If you plan to travel during July and August, it's best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

In Psara you will enjoy walking. The distances are very short so you will easily go everywhere on foot. Psara's road network (a little bit more than a kilometer) makes any kind of vehicle use unnecessary. There are very few cars, so walking is the only way, plus a safe and enjoyable one, to see the island. You can, of course, rent a bicycle, or find a boat owner, who will take you to the closest islands' beaches.

Psara Guide / Information :: A small place with a great history!

An arid and volcanic rock nursed the biggest fighters of 1821 (Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Empire). Despite the wildness of the landscape, the hospitality of the locals will reward you. Seven islands constitute a group island located in the heart of the Aegean: Psara, Antipsara, Kato Nisi, Saint Nikolaos, Daskalio, Prassonisi and Nissopula. Psara is the largest island with about 500 inhabitants.

Around and over the port lies amphitheatrically the only one settlement of the island, Psara, near the peninsula of Paleokastro, the famous Mavri Rachi, where were blown the last defenders of the island in 1824.

The church of St. Nicholas, in which took the vow Kanaris before burning the flagship of the turkish fleet, stands at the top of the rock.

Don't forget to visit the refurbished quarantine station in 'Spitalia', the old mill at the edge of Mavri Rachi, with wonderful views at the Aegean Sea, and of course the great beach of Laka, the Lazareta beach and the pebbled beaches of Fteli, Kato Yialos and Limnos.

In Archontiki, on the western coast of the island, have been found traces of Mycenaean settlement and cemetery, some parts of which are under water. With half an hour hike from the settlement, you will be able to visit it.

In the northern part of the island there is the monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin, of the 16th century, with rare books and relics. On August 15th, in the grounds of the monastery, is organized a brilliant feast with the participation of the whole island. If you're on the island on August 1st, follow the locals to a nocturnal walk, from the port to the monastery and from there back again, for the transfer of the icon of the Savior. You will walk and you will reach the hinterland!

Apart from the beaches, the flavors of Psara will remain unforgettable. The mpompari, from chopped giblets and rice, the famous stuffed lamb, gries, fried pies with Psarian hard cheese, and of course the honey of the island.

Psara "musts"

  • Visit Kanaris' house. Kanaris was the greatest 1821 Greek Revolution torcher and one of Greece's Prime Ministers after that.
  • A boating in Antipsara, a small island with isolated beaches and crystal water.
  • The most unusual and impressive restaurant on the island is "Spitalia", which is housed in an old sanatorium. The menu's variety and the low prices are also two "plus" reasons to visit it.
  • The locals' plain life and their hospitality offer countless options for things to do, like no other place in Greece offers. You can fish with a fishing pole, a speargun or nets under a local's instructions, that will reveal you all the secrets to catch lobsters, froth-fishes or squids. You can also participate in honey gathering next to one of the island's few beekeepers.
  • Psara is famous for its "thyme and heather honey", as well as for the delicious wine made from "fokiana grapes", a domestic variety that is kept for many days under the sun before being pulped. But the thing that locals are most proud of are the lobsters that are living here and that have been awarded as one of the most qualitative genres in the world. "Lobster spaghetti" is the most famous meal and the most demanding customers' favorite one. Go ahead and try them all!!

Don't forget
Psara follow their own rules, which are far apart from those big cities and the cosmopolitan islands have: coasts are kept clean, routine pace is more human, everything slows down and touristic development isn't the main goal. Anyone that understands and respects these values, can be acculturate to the local spirit more quickly and experience a special vacation.   

Be careful with streams below the sea's surface. Some sea-spots hide strong streams that can carry you away from the coast without even noticing it.

Happy Holidays in Psara!!!

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