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SAMOTHRAKI FERRY TICKETS | Online Ferry & Boat Tickets to SamothrakiFerry tickets to Samothraki

Samothraki, which is at the northern end of the Aegean Sea, is an amazing island with rich history, exceptional beaches, crystal clear waters and natural landscape and offers its visitors the magic they seek on their holidays. The statue of Niki of Samothraki which is exhibited in the Louvre museum in Paris, has made Samothraki famous worldwide and every summer there are visitors from all over the world as well as from Greece. Ancient findings are plenty on the island. The island's Hora is an amazing settlement with picturesque little houses and tiled alleys that will impress you at first sight. The island is all green, with dense vegetation, ponds, streams and also lots of bird species.  Samothraki is considered by many as a heaven on earth. Book your ferry tickets as soon as possible and enjoy unique holidays in Samothraki.

The Samothraki Port

There are ferry departures from the port of Alexandroupoli for the port of Samothraki and the journey lasts about 2 to 3 hours. There are regular bus itineraries from Athens and Salonika for Alexandroupoli. For a carefree journey book your ferry tickets online via aktoploika.gr. The port of the island is Kamariotissa and is 6 kilometers away from the island's Hora.

Connection With Other Ports

Samothraki has a ferry connection with the following ports: Alexandroupolis. (The connections with Thassos and Kavala has been canceled).

Ferry Tickets

You can now book ferry tickets online for Samothraki via Aktoploika.gr. If you plan to travel during July and August, it's best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

There are regular bus itineraries on the island for all the areas. There is a wide variety of vehicles available at the car and motorbike rental agencies to rent your own vehicle and explore the island of Samothraki more easily.

Samothraki is an island, that doesn't offer many freestanding transportation options, so the most secure ways for your transportation are two; urban and interurban buses can be considered a cheap way, connecting the island's capital with Kamariotissa, Profitis Ilias, Fonias and Therma. Tickets' price doesn't exceed 7 euros, as, in case of ticket cancellation, you will pay half of the price, and that's because Iraklitos quote "Ta panta ri" ("Everything is fluid") is fully enforced here. Nothing is for sure and everything can change from one minute to another. In summertime routes' frequency is increased, especially during Fonias Festival. The most popular way of transportation is hijack, especially during summer, when bohemian life is at it's best here. Just raise your hand, smile and… keep on traveling.

The hospitable hug

In the Thracian sea, where strong winds 'upset' the blue waters, a massif, strongly resists.  Samothrace, or else the island of Aeolus. An island with an altitude up to 1611 meters (Moon) but also pebbled beaches, springs, renowned spas, unique antiquities. An island in which 'was born' the Victory of Samothrace!

The north side of the island, in particular, is favored by the region's microclimate and is literally 'drowned' in green. At a high altitude dominate the forests with trees, oaks, chestnut trees and cedars. At the lower part spreads a 'jungle' by all sorts of bushes; according to the studies in Samothrace sprout around 20 rare species of shrubs. In the Pasture lands the air showers by the scents of nature; thyme, oregano and all sorts of aromatic and medicinal plants.

In the Martini forest you will encounter age-old oaks. The forests beside the rivers cool hundreds of streams with crystal clear waters, stemming from the mountain Saos and rolling rapidly towards the sea. Number of sources cross radially mount, forming waterfalls and natural pools; the famous stone pedestals. The impressive streams and waterfalls are, moreover, a landmark of the island. The Murderer's Creek is considered to be among the most beautiful  in Greece, with highest waterfall the Klidossi, height 35 m! Also, Kremasto, to the southeast, is a waterfall real miracle of the nature. Passing through ferrous rocks it gets a sweet, rosy color, before exiting brash straight into the blue sea. Behind its water pageantry, there is an accesible cave. Also renowned the waterfalls of Kakia Plaka, Karia and Gria Vathra.

The lacy, mainly pebbled coasts of Samothraki host beautiful beaches, some accessible by car and some other only by sea. The vast beach of Gardens with typical black-greys stones and the shiny pebbles stands out; to the South, the cosmopolitan Pachia Ammos-the unique sandy beach of the island – with the magnificent view offered by the chapel of the Vigrin of Krimniotissa, built on the edge of a cliff. From here starts a touristic boat for a nice marine tour in the inaccessible parts of the island: Katarti, Spilies, Vato, Kremasto, Gria Pania and Giali. The crystal clear waters reveal to you all the exciting seabed terrain and the abundance of marine life.

Samothraki's "musts"

  • This is perhaps the main reason for many visitors to spend here their vacation. Free camping is allowed in several spots, but it's...literally free of comforts and facilities. Make sure anything you need will be in your backpack.
  • If you visit "vathres" (natural small lakes), you'll definitely don't want to leave them. To be specific, these are ten small rocky pools filled with cold water falling from waterfalls. It's the place where you'll find the famous "Fonias Waterfall". Be careful, because the course is risky and tiring. Try to get there only if you are familiar to mountain conditions, make as many stops as necessary and bring with you only the necessaries. If you are not experienced or trained enough, you can just stop to the ascent's beginning and camp there, either-wise the scenery is magnificent everywhere.
  • In "Lefkos Pyrgos Cafe" (White Tower) in Hora you'll have the chance to enjoy the famous "tar and eiderdowns sweet".
  • In Karydies Tavern, located in Ano Meria Village, you will taste some weird recipes: fried bean-soup, goat cheese from the owner's goats and baby goat on a spit.

Don't forget

Searching for a tree's shadow to park your car makes sense, but have in mind that you may find it scratched and with many dents, when you return. Samothraki has many goats, that climb to cars through trees.

If you decide to go to Vatos beach, you better take a small boat. The access from the land is too difficult and the course is a complete labyrinth. It's a place with so many incidents, where visitors were found many hours or even days later by the rescue groups.

Always have a hat and at a least a bottle of water with you. Samothraki is an island full of contrasts and there are many places with no shadow or water at all.

Happy Holidays in Samothraki!!!

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