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THASSOS FERRY TICKETS | Online Ferry & Boat Tickets to Thassos IslandFerry tickets to Thassos

The hospitable island of Thassos with its perfect touristic infrastructure and the natural beauties is waiting to offer you excellent holidays. Thassos, which has golden sand beaches and rich flora, impresses visitors with its picturesque landscape as well as with its ability to combine tradition with the modern way of life so many years. You will find archaeological places of great interest on the island, such as the ancient town and the ancient market. You can also visit the monasteries and the churches of the island. You can enjoy the sun and the sea at the beaches of the island as well. Limenas, the capital of Thassos, has the most tourists during the summer. The island is one of the favorite holiday destinations of the Greeks who know how to have fun and party on their holidays. Book your ferry tickets as soon as possible and enjoy unique holidays in Thassos.

The Thassos Port

There are ferries departing from the port of Kavala for the port of Thassos and the journey lasts about 1 to 2 hours. There are daily buses from Athens and Salonika for Kavala. For a carefree journey book online your ferry tickets via aktoploika.gr. Limenas is the port and the capital of Thassos, which is a picturesque town, full of light and colors. There is also a second port on the island, Prinos.

Connection With Other Ports

Thassos has a ferry connection with the following ports: Kavala, Keramoti, Samothraki, Alexandroupolis.

Ferry Tickets

You can now book ferry tickets online for Thassos via Aktoploika.gr. If you plan to travel during July and August, it's best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

In Thassos, there are lots of buses from Limena to most of the settlements and the seaside villages. The itineraries are regular and frequent during the day. You can also rent a taxi for the whole day or simply rent the vehicle of your choice from the car and motorbike rental agencies for faster and more comfortable traveling.

Transportation in Thassos, especially during summertime, is connected with local buses, that travel through the island's magnificent terrain and connect the island's capital to all the settlements and most popular beaches. The bus station is located in Limenas, just beside the port, while there are continuous routes from Prino, that are attuned to the ferries' arrivals. Ticket's price starts from 1.60 euros to 8.50 euros for more remoted destinations. You can also enjoy "Thassos Tour", during summertime, a special route, that travels you to Thassos' most popular sights, costing 10.60 euros.

Proud and noble.  

The northernmost island of the Aegean Sea, the emerald, Thassos! The untouched natural beauty together with its rich history,  the important cultural movement and its beautiful beaches, make the island an oasis of holidays and visits. It is a mountainous island, lush, while beautiful small or bigger beaches among pine woods and olive groves are waiting for you to explore them. The massif of the island ' adorned ' by beautiful villages that stand out for their architecture derived from Thrace and Macedonia.

The port of the island but also its center is Limenas. The long history of Thassos has left significant marks on the wider area of Limenas. Walk to the archaeological sites, visit the ancient theatre or watch some of the shows that are hosted during the summer months and visit the archaeological museum for a more systematic approach of the island's antiquities.

The part that shows the most unaltered image over the centuries, is undoubtedly Panagia, the island's old capital. The old town with its rich cultural activity, the beautiful mansions and the narrow cobbled streets, are the perfect celebration of the Dormition of the Virgin on the 15th of August, that is happening with all the pomp of the traditional customs. The nearby beach, Skala Panagias ', with the golden sand, the shallow waters and the lush vegetation, is one of the most beautiful of the island. It's also worth visiting the Drakotrypa cave, which owes its name to a stalactite similar to the form of a dragon.

Remarkable archaeological monuments, temples, markets, houses and forts, decorate the traditional settlements with the particular architecture. Squares, alleyways and fountains, complete the scene. Not far away from the village Poto you will find the archaeological site of Aliki, with the ancient marble quarries, the sanctuary of Dioskouroi

and the old Christian basilicas (4th-7th century).

The numerous churches and monasteries have big interest.  Don't forget to visit the monasteries of Archangel Michael  (from 11th or 13th century), at Poto, which seems to hover over the sea, as it is based on the steep mountainside. The Church of Agia Paraskevi in Theologo has also particular interest, where you can admire the image of the Virgin Mary made of wax and mastic. The project is assumed that belongs to the Evangelist Luke.

The annual summer festival of Kalamata-Thassos, one of the most beautiful in Greece, hosts major performances but also excellent concerts. The cultural festivities culminate with the representation of "the wedding in Thassos" where ancient Dionysian customs revive, through local wedding traditions.

Thassos' "musts"

  • Giola Lagoon isn't famous in most visitors. It's a natural pool, containing water warmer than the sea's, suitable for swimming, diving and sun-bath. It's a beautiful scenery, hard to be accessed, as you'll have to drive across a 3 kilometers road and walk on rocks by the beach.
  • "Katarraktes" (Waterfalls) can satisfy even the most demanding outdoorsies. The landscape 4 kilometers away from Limanaria Castle will make you forget you're on an island: oaks, plane trees, pine trees and flowing water comprise a first class choice for those who wish for a day in nature.
  • Theologos Village, the islands ex-capital, is perhaps Thassos' most typical beauty proof. You'll be able to admire the local houses' architectural style, the Kefalogourna Waterfalls, the watermills, the oil-mills, as well as many small and big churches. During summer this village hums with visitors and life, as many events take place here. If you happen to visit in mid-August, you'll have the chance to watch the "Thassos' wedding representation".
  • The most famous tavern in the island is "Vasilis" in Megalo Kazaviti Village. It serves fresh domestic meat and meals are cooked in a unique way. You must definitely taste roast stuffed lamp and domestic wine.
  • In the same village you can also visit "Kazaviti Tavern", located on the central square. Vegetable-balls and "pitakia" (small pies) are dishes that will be surely difficult to forget them.
  • If you prefer sea-food, then you must definitely visit "Limani Tavern" in Limenaria Village. Ask for chasseur cuttlefishes, smoked moray and white "taramosalata" (fish-roe salad), as well as the extra-ordinary "sea-food mixture".
  • Outside Limenaria Village you can visit "Lovolos Woodctaft" where you'll find beautiful pieces of art made from wood.
  • Before you leave Thassos, don't forget to buy "walnut sweet" and "fig sweet", made in the island's traditional way. They're available in all local products shops.

Don't forget

Thassos Island is a place that was threatened and suffered by the big 2016 fires. Since then more security measures were added and during summer the island's mountainous area is being protected by the authorities and groups of volunteers. Don't start a fire in the woods and don't throw garbage anywhere, especially in high-risk areas. There is always a strong possibility to start a fire and beside that penalties are too heavy.

Driving in Thassos follows most Greek islands' rules, which are low velocity and extra caution. The streets are narrow, with many turns, while you'll definitely meet several animals on your way.

Happy Holidays in Thassos!!!

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