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SKOPELOS FERRY TICKETS | Online Ferry & Boat Tickets to Skopelos IslandFerry tickets to Skopelos

The all – green island of Skopelos with the beautiful beaches and the crystal clear waters is waiting to offer you an excellent stay and unforgettable holidays. All the beaches of Skopelos are outstanding. Some are accessible only by a small boat and it is really worth visiting them to see the natural beauty of the landscape. Most of them are quite easy to access and they are organized with canteens, restaurants and cafes. Some of the most beautiful beaches of the island are Stafilos, Panormos, Milia, Glossa and Agnontas. The unique beauty they possess, but also the fact that the trees reach right down to the beaches is something you will not easily meet. Try to stay enough days on the island to explore it all. Visit the Ai Giannis church and go up its 105 steps, no matter how terrifying the ascent and descent through the rocks can be, the view will take your breath away and reward your effort. Swim in the waters underneath the church and enjoy the magical landscape of the area. The local cuisine is delicious and the taverns and restaurants on the island always serve fresh fish and Greek titbits. The nightlife is not intense, but there are a few bars with pleasant music that stay open till late. The holidays in Skopelos will be amazing, so book your ferry tickets now and experience unique moments on the wonderful island of Sporades.

The Skopelos Port
There are regular ferry departures for the port of Skopelos from Agios Konstantinos, Kymi as well as Volos and the journey takes 3 to 4 hours. To ensure a nice and comfortable journey, book your ferry tickets online via aktoploika.gr. The main port of Skopelos is a busy place, filled with cafes, bars, restaurants all sorts of stores and car rental agencies. It is a picturesque place, where visitors as well as locals take a walk in the afternoons and evenings. There are two more smaller ports in Skopelos, Loutraki and Agnontas.    

Connection With Other Islands
Skopelos has a ferry connection with the following ports: Agios Konstantinos, Volos, Thessaloniki, Skiathos, Alonissos, Evia (Kymi), Skyros.

Ferry Tickets

You can now book ferry tickets online for Skopelos via Aktoploika.gr. If you plan to travel during July and August, it's best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

There is a bus stop right outside the port with buses going to most areas, villages and beaches of Skopelos. You will find several taxis on the island, but also horse carriages for rides. The best way to explore the island is to rent a car or a motorbike from a rental agency, which are located very close to the port. The distances are very long and there is a developed road network in most parts of the island, so you will be able to travel more easily in your own vehicle.

Public transportation in Skopelos is exclusively served by local bus, while it's too hard to find one of the few taxis (only 13) during summer. Buses start from Skopelos City, taking passengers to Stafilos, Agnontas, Panormos, Milia, Kastani, Elio, Glossa, Loutraki. There are extra routes during summer, to fulfill the passengers' needs, while tickets cost no more than 2 euros. You can also take a sea-taxi, if you wish to have a more romantic trip to the destinations above.  

Mamma Mia...

Unique beaches, blue waters, special Pelion architecture, natural beauty, monasteries, seductive landscapes, emerald waters in dreamy coasts. It is not a coincidence that the crew of the film Mamma Mia, chose Skopelos to film the movie.

Skopelos belongs to the complex of the Northern Sporades and has three main ports: Skopelos, Agnondas, and Glossa. Chora is the island's capital, is located on the north coast in a secluded bay and its beautiful state lies amphitheatrically around the castle. Its ancient name was 'Peparithos', from the son of Dionysus and Ariadne.

Start the tour on the island from Chora, with cobblestone alleys, the scattered churches and the beautiful island houses with flowery gardens that surround the Castle. Glossa, the second largest settlement on the island after Chora, is located 25 km. north from Chora. Papadiamantis called it the "tall village" 'and is the most populous village. It is characterized by its traditional and stately character. Narrow alleys, charming houses of traditional architecture and colorful corners compose its physiognomy , while the surrounding area is of great archaeological interest thanks to the ancient towers and buildings that have been founded.

For those of you who will visit the island, it's worth to see the Byzantine monasteries that are built into separate locations such as this of Annunciation and of St. John the Baptist. Also, in Drakontoschisma, a dense ravine, you will have the opportunity to enjoy landscapes of unique beauty with the turquoise waters of the sea to have the lead.

The gastronomy of the island consists of a large variety of recipes relating to meat and vegetarian dishes. Grouper stew, meat with clams, squid ceviche, lobster with pasta, cuttlefish with herbs, anchovies, goat of Skopelos, twisters pies, onion pies and pies, stuffed chicken, tzitzirafa, kritama (the food of the ancient Greeks), sweet plum (aygato), chamalia, rozedes, amygdalato, fresh and dried plums, the famous goat cheese and honey. These unprecedented flavors would be a further incentive to visit Skopelos again.

Skopelos' "musts"

  • Milia is admitted to be the island's best beach, a small paradise with lush vegetation, crystal water, an ideal place for relaxation.
  • Have a small trip across the port on a carriage during the afternoon or evening. You'll feel living in a fairy-tale.
  • Skopelos' cheese-pie is made with goat cheese and is famous beyond Greece, as it can be found in many top-restaurants across the world. Ask to taste it in any tavern or restaurant and you'll definitely want more.

Don't forget

Skopelos is a shelter-island for many seals in Northern Aegean Sea. Remember not to leave any garbage on coasts and be sure you follow every beach's rules, if you rent a jet-ski or any kind of boat.

The island is small, so moving to it is a short and easy process. However, there are uphill roads, that can't be crossed on a bicycle. If you choose to rent one, make sure you know where it can get you.

Happy Holidays in Skopelos!!!

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