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In spite of the high-level services and the consistently increasing of arrivals, Kefalonia, the biggest island in Ionian Sea, managed to keep it's identity and physical beauty unimpaired. Sometimes mysterious and unearthly, sometimes ablaze and dazzling, with many endless color and shape contrasts, Kefalonia manages to steal every visitor's glance and heart. That's why it's one of the Greek islands with so many bigoted visitors, who come back again and again, to retaste it's natural beauties and explore an additional part of it's secret allurement every time they are here. As we cross the hinterland from East to West and from North to South, we have the feeling, that we are in more than one island, as the landscape alternations are bluff and thrilling. The sacramental landscape at the Caves on the East part, with a great view to Odysseus' Ithaca, Aenus, the overgrown, totally black mountain, overtoped at the middle of the island, the chalky formations on the west and north parts, the rocky, craggy coasts on the north, intermitted by short and long beaches filled with pebbles and rocks and the mild, sandy landscape on the south part, all these things compound a mosaic full of incomparable beauty and charm in visitor's eyes. All these, enriched with the island's golden nectar, the famous Robola wine, make Kefalonia a small heaven on Earth. The holidays in Kefalonia will be amazing so book your ferry tickets now and live unique moments on this magnificent Ionian island.

Kefalonia's ports

Due to the increasing touristic rate over the last years and because of its location, Kefalonia has probably the most ports than any other Greek island except Creta. During summertime, there are sea schedules from Patras, Ithaca, Bari, Brindizi and Astakos to the port of Sami (Kefalonia), as well as from Kyllini to Argostoli, Lixouri and Poros. Finally, from Zakynthos' Shinari there are small ferries that take you to Pesada, on the south part, and from Vasiliki in Lefkada to Fiskardo. All ports reach the standards for easy and safe debarkation and embarkation. Dye to the huge number of visitors during summer, you can book your ferry tickets online via aktoploika.gr and you will enjoy an even more comfortable and carefree journey.

Connection With Other Ports

Kefalonia is coastal connected with Patras, Killini, Ithaca, Bari (Italy), Brindisi (Italy), Astakos, Shinari in Zakynthos and Vasiliki in Lefkada.

Ferry Tickets

You can now book ferry tickets online for Kefalonia via Aktoploika.gr. If you plan to travel during July and August, it's best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

The bus station is in Argostoli, the capital of the island. There are daily schedules to most villages, but the most suitable way of transportation is renting a car or a scooter. Argostoli City has also a coastal connection with Lixouri, by a local ferry, one per 30 minutes during summer and one per hour during winter. The ferry checks out beside Argostoli's Town Hall and arrives at Lixouri Gulf in about 20 minutes.

Passengers' transportation in Kefallonia is based on the three main bus stations in Argostoli, in Lixouri and Sami, where plenty of schedules to the island's villages and settlements take place, increased during summer time. Passengers, that arrive at Sami Port, can embark in a bus to Argostoli, Lixouri, Svoronata and Fiskardo, that stops to all villages between them. Kefallonia's central bus station I s located at Argostoli, about 100m. away from the Argostoli – Drapano Road (bridge) on the East. You can buy your tickets inside the bus as well, or book them online at www.ktelkefalonias.gr The tickets cost from 1 to 9.5 euros, depending on your destination.

Kefalonia: mysterious and dazzling

Kefalonia took its name from Kefalos, an ancient king, the first of many monarchs and conquers, that passed, leaving each one of them his indelible mark. It has innumerable beaches, some of them among the most beautiful beaches in the world. Myrtos Beach, semicircular shaped, surrounded by hills and steepness rocks and Emplisi Beach, with white pebbles and rocks, reminding a tropical or, for others, a moon landscape, are two of them. There is also Antisamos Beach, near Sami, with a great view to Ithaca, Foki Beach, near Fiskardo Village, which took its name from the "Monahus – Monahus" seals that live there, Scala Beach, a sandy one near Mounta Bay and Xi Beach with the famous red sand, ought to the huge quantity of clay all over the place.

Kefalonia's sights are so many, that it's impossible to be described in a few lines. The Cesspools (Katavothres), on the west, 2 km away from Argostoli, attract many visitors, who come there to see the sea water disappearing near the coast and "travel" for some kilometers, to end in Melissani Cave, on the east side of the island, near Sami. This cave relates to the "Melisanthi Myth", the story of a nymph, who committed suicide, when God Panas rejected her love.  Due to the fact, this cave doesn't have a roof, the colors, created by the noon sunlight, are unique. A few kilometers away, there is "Drogaratis Cave" aged over 100.000.000 years, famous for its great acoustics.

Agios Georgios Castle is located over Peratata Village, 5 kilometers away from Argostoli. It was built on the 13th century, but it's still in good condition, as one can see the towers, the embrasures, the watchtowers and part of the Wall. According to local citizens, this castle is connected with Argostoli by an underground tunnel.

De Bosset Bridge connects Koutavos Lagoon with the other side of the Gulf. Today it is a pedestrian zone.

Kipouraioi Monastery, 15 kilometers away from Lixouri, built 90 meters above the sea, on the edge of a cliff, cuts your breath with its eerie view. Finally, if one visits Ancient Sami and Ancient Krani, he can see many settlements full of Mycenaic graves and many Ancient Greek temples, as well as the Kyklopean Walls, the most famous sight in the area.   

"Kefalonia Fir" or "black fir", a very rare species, colored dark green, makes Aenos, Kefalonia's only mountain and the biggest one in Ionian Sea, to look black .That's why Venetians named it "Monte Nero", which means "Black Mountain". The view is emotive and for this reason Kefalonia is the only Greek island, that has a fir forest.

Least but not last, there is Robola, the famous, golden colored wine, placed on the top-three white wines worldwide. The vineyards, where Robola comes from, are in a specific zone, called "The Robola Zone", spread from Omala Valley to Aenos borders. The first look at them makes visitors think that they are planted over rocks and that's because the chalky rocks scattered in this area. That's one factor, for Robola's unique taste. These are only a part of what you can see, discover and explore, if you visit Kefalonia, an endless paradise, which never stops surprising and elating, no matter how many times you visit it.

Kefalonia's "musts"

  • One of the island's secret places, hard to be found, is Porto Atheras Port on Lixouri's north side. There is a beautiful beach to enjoy and two fish-taverns with fresh fish every day.
  • Visit the "Botanical Garden", two kilometers outside Argostoli. It's perhaps Kefalonia's most beautiful place to walk to, with paths full of every kind of trees, hidden areas with wild flowers, herbal plants -some of them very rare – flowing water, small bridges and lakes.
  • If you are a vegetarian or you just love fresh vegetables and fruits, you'll definitely love "Farm Out". It's a farm, where you can see and learn many things about biological agriculture, taste several vegetable and fruit crops full of scents, and buy almost anything you can imagine, even prepacked fresh products, olive oil, wine and sweets made with fruits. Before your visit, you must first make a reservation at 26710-26513.
  • You'll have many chances to enjoy a boating in Kefalonia, but nothing compares to the Lake Melissani one. Your boatman has many stories and myths to tell you about the place and you'll be awarded with a short "kantada" (local song) too.
  • Experience the magic that "Saristra Festival" offers every summer, in Palia Vlahata, an old abandoned village.
  • Watch a film with the Ionian Sea as a background. "SeaNema Open Air Festival" shows films during all summer and many of the island's beaches turn into outdoor cinemas.
  • If you look for a unique, extraordinary experience, have a "spa" in Megalos Lakkos Beach and Xi Beach. These two places have rocks full of clay, so feel free to cover your body with it and reborn!
  • Ask to eat "kreatopita" (meat-pie), the island's specialty. You can find it in most of the restaurants and taverns. Some of them bake it in wood-ovens.

Don't forget

Driving or riding across the island is full of highlights, as well as incidents, if you don't pay attention on the road. Be careful with goats that jump in the middle of the road from nowhere. There will be courses and days, where you'll be forced to drive slowly in a line of vehicles. Don't even think about passing. Relax, you are on vacation.

Popular beaches, like Myrtos, should be visited early in the morning, to avoid traffic, find a place to park your car and a place for you on the beach.

Make sure you know all you need about a beach before visiting it, especially if there are elders or children with you. There are beaches hard to be reached, you'll have to walk a lot in others and in some of them water is too deep and full of streams.

Happy Holidays!!!

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